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Wishing Well Aqua Farms Inc.
1331 Drummer Hill Road

Front Royal, Virginia


Phone: +1 540 333-7187 +1 540 333-7187


Company History

The founder of Gold-Micro Corporation, Norm Nelson, previously founded a number of companies.  He founded:

  • Perisoft, Inc. 1981 (California)
  • Evergreen Design Inc. 1991 (California & Oregon)
  • Evergreen Design Inc. 2000 (Virginia)
  • Wishing Well Aqua Farm (2000) (proprietorship in Virginia)
  • Wishing Well Aqua Farms Inc. (2015)

The Wishing Well Aqua Farm proprietorship was initially established to target the development of control systems to automate Aquaponic Control Systems.  In 2015 the proprietorship was converted into a Virginia Corporation. 


In 2017 the original focus of the company on Aquaponic Control Systems was put on the side burner to allow a focus on development of products in other areas after a prior customer requested him to do so.  With as much prior design experience working for companies and for prior clients Norm decided it was time to return to reaping the rewards from his designs and project management skills.  The company was renamed to Gold-Micro Corporation to better reflect the company's new focus on custom development of Electronic Automation & Control Systems, Rugged PCs, PLCs & Monitors in the Home, Industrial, and Agricultural markets.


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